Deep Gratitude Sound Healing

Sunday Nov. 9 at 5 pm
Practicing deep gratitude brings us deeper within to connect with our Higher Self. This class gives you the opportunity to connect with your Truth to experience peace, harmony and Oneness with All That Is.
Louise will take you through a Gratitude ritual that you can also incorporate into your life.
Breathe in Gratitude to Live in Joy.
Igniting the Light in our Mind, Heart, Life …
Cultivate a healing relationship with yourself….Experience expansion, harmony and the sacred gift of Joy.This session will focus on practicing deep Gratitude to transform challenges and expand the blessings in your life. Relax and experience a deeper connection with the Truth of your heart.

Introduction to Kabbalah Astrology

This class was sold out so we are scheduling an other class this month

Call or email if you are interested Date TBA soon

Through this ancient science we can understand the ebb & flow of our lives. You will learn how to work with the 7 creative planets.  This information is a map to help you understand the timing of the Universe so you can take the right action at the right time.

Transform your life and bring greater happiness and success to endeavors and relationships.

Deepen your awareness to your life patterns.
You need to email your date of birth. No birth time required.
$55 includes your personal chart

Thanksgiving New Moon Yoga & Sound Healing

A special Thanksgiving inspired, New Moon class designed to be a deeply healing experience for you to meet yourself with compassion. Come and get inspired to step into radiant health and JoyFull abundance! It is wonderful way for you to experience prayer in motion. We will end with yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) with healing sounds to help you de-stress and get you ready for a truly Joy-Full Thanksgiving holiday.

The new moon is the most powerful time to affirm your intentions. Come and get inspired to step into radiant health and JoyFull abundance.

International Spiritual Teacher and creator of JoyFull Yoga, Louise Lavergne will inspire you and guide you to come into alignment and harmony with your hearts’ intentions and radiant health.

JoyFull Yoga Wellness Center offers a comfortable, beautiful, safe place to experience wellness designed for the 21st century.  We offer JoyFull Yoga classes, workshops, retreats,Transformational Sound Healing gatherings with owner and creator of JoyFull Yoga, Louise Lavergne,  and holistic health services–including a variety or healing therapies–and JoyFull Living Coaching.

JoyFull Yoga is geared towards the needs of each individual, meeting you where you are in your body and is completely accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

JoyFull Yoga Wellness Center is a place for you to experience yourself in a profound way and to acquire tools to awaken your passion and joy and to experience radiant health.  Begin living your best life now with JoyFull Yoga classes!

 Drop ins are welcome and we also offer discounts on prepurchased class packages.  Please check out our schedule here and if you have any questions or need further information please contact us!


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